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In winter, when the feet are exposed to low temperatures without being protected by appropriate socks and shoes, the sensation of cold feet is almost inevitable. This phenomenon often occurs due to decreased blood flow in our bodies and its sole purpose is to prevent the loss of additional heat.

Here is a situation that you surely have encountered. Every time you complain that your feet are cold, someone comes to tell you that you suffer from poor blood circulation. Although this might be the case, there are many other reasons that contribute significantly to the fact that your feet are freezing.

In most cases, cold feet do not represent a serious reason for concern, especially among young people. The sensation of cold extremities may simply be due to the fact that the body is struggling to regulate its temperature. But there are also situations where cold feet can signal a more serious problem. 

In this article, we will provide you with some great tips against cold feet in winter, so that you can enjoy a stable body temperature, while your feet remain warm and dry.

How to prevent cold feet in winter

How to prevent cold feet in winter

The unpleasant sensation of cold feet is more common than you might think. In a cold environment, the exposure to low temperatures causes our cardiovascular system to protect our vital organs. When it comes to the extremities, it takes about 20 seconds for the blood to reach our hands and feet. This is why so many people experience cold feet during winter.

Here are the best tips to keep your feet warm in winter:

  • Choose the right socks
  • Choose the appropriate footwear
  • Stay active and hydrated
  • Avoid moisture
  • Sleep with your socks on
  • Take alternating baths (cold-warm-cold)
  • Get foot massages
  • Limit alcohol, caffeine and nicotine consumption
  • Avoid keeping your legs crossed

Now let’s take every single tip and go into detail, so that you can get a clear picture on the reasons why your feet get cold in winter.

Choose the right socks 


Choose the right socks

The right socks for winter often mean wool socks or thermal socks. Cotton socks cannot provide the same benefits aswool socks, because wool is a natural fiber that allows great insulation. Merino wool can successfully retain all the heat generated by your body, and then use it as a heater for your feet. When it comes to the best fabric for winter socks, wool is the perfect solution, as it allows your feet to remain warm and dry even in the hardest weather conditions. 

The appropriate footwear 

appropriate footwear

We recommend that you wear shoes made of waterproof materials, so that your feet don’t get wet. You should also avoid wearing rubber boots in winter, because they don't allow air circulation, so your feet can easily sweat. Nobody wants cold and wet feet. This is why you must choose quality footwear made of leather and  waterproof materials.

Stay active and hydrated

Stay active and hydrated

If you maintain a healthy lifestyle, no sensation of cold feet will ever bother you again. You should walk, run or practice your favorite sport for at least one hour a day. The results will be amazing. Physical activity will improve your blood circulation and it will give you a great boost of energy. Don’t forget to stay hydrated: you should drink at least 2 liters of water a day, so that your body can eliminate all the toxins.

Avoid moisture  

Avoid moisture

If your feet get wet and you experience some tingling sensations or even numbness in the limbs, then you should switch to wool socks. Wool has the capacity of repelling water and absorbing moisture, so that your body will maintain a comfortable temperature. In addition, moisture facilitates the growth of bacteria, exposing you to a higher risk of infections.

Sleep with your socks on 

Sleep with your socks on

In order for you to enjoy a deep relaxing sleep, your feet must always remain warm and dry. At night, the cold sensation can lead to nightmares or restless sleep. Don’t worry, because ouramazing winter socks are very comfortable at any time of day or night, no matter what activity you choose to practice.

Take alternating baths 

You should start with a cold shower, then switch to warm water and eventually end the bath with cold water. These alternating baths improve the blood circulation in your body and especially in your feet. If you do this at least 2 or 3 times a week, you will be surprised at the health benefits that you will experience. 

Get foot massages 

What can be more relaxing than a foot massage at the end of a long hard day? In addition, regular foot massages keep your feet warm and cozy in winter. You should use a moisturising cream that prevents your heels from getting cracks and blisters.

Limit alcohol, caffeine and nicotine consumption

All these bad habits contribute to poor blood circulation and they can eventually lead to serious health problems. Instead, you can drink a cup of decaf coffee or green tea in the morning and a glass of wine or beer in the evening.

One more useful tip to prevent cold feet in winter is toavoid keeping your legs crossed for a long period of time. You should know that this body posture can hinder the blood circulation in your feet. Thus, when you are at the office, try to take a short walk once every hour, even for a minute. It makes all the difference in the world.

Perfect socks for happy feet

Perfect socks for happy feet

As we often like to say, there’s no such thing as cold feet, just the wrong socks! Avoid wearing tight socks that leave marks on your ankles, because they restrict the blood flow in your feet. Instead, you should choose soft and breathable socks that are created from natural, comfortable fabrics. 

OurMerino wool socks fit very well with mountain footwear, boots and shoes, which makes them suitable for daily wear. Furthermore, they are excellent for people who are sensitive to low temperatures. Ideal for both men and women, wool socks guarantee that you will never experience the unpleasant sensation of cold feet again.

The winter season offers a lot of opportunities for people who love  outdoor activities and spending time in nature. You can engage in many fun winter sports, like snowboarding, skiing, ice skating, sledding or hockey. If you want to fully enjoy these activities, your feet must always feel comfortable by wearing suitable foot gear and the right pair of socks.

According to your needs, you can find the winter socks that fit you best. Our wool socks are designed to help you achieve complete freedom of movement, while keeping your feet warm and comfortable. No matter what sport you enjoy most, there is always theright pair of socks to satisfy your needs.

Remember that outdoor activities bring great benefits to your physical and emotional health. In order to keep your mind and body active throughout the winter, you should go out in the snow and enjoy all the fun activities that you can think of. The only thing that you must take into consideration is wearing the proper winter clothes, socks and shoes, so that you can avoid hypothermia, discomfort and skin irritations.

Protect your body fromlow temperatures

Protect your body from low temperatures

If you follow our tips against cold feet in winter you shouldn’t experience the sensation of cold and numb feet again that easily. You will be able to ski, snowboard and ice skate for as long as you want, with comfortably warm feet! 

Cold feet should not become a big concern if you do not have associated symptoms or health problems, especially if you are under 55 years old. However, you should go to the doctor as soon as you notice serious signs or symptoms associated with cold feet. 

Remember that one of the most common causes of cold feet is poor blood circulation, but you can solve this problem by switching to a healthy lifestyle. Make sure not a day goes by without walking for at least 20 minutes. Always wear the proper clothes, foot gear and socks according to the winter activities that you practice. Adopt a healthy diet that consists of as many fruits and vegetables as possible. Also, don’t forget to stay hydrated, by drinking at least 2 liters of water a day. 

Warm feet in a cold environment

Warm feet in a cold environment

Winter can be a season of endless joy and great outdoor activities, but only if you take good care of your body. Our tips against cold feet in winter can help you make the most of this season, without any possible threats to your health. When your feet remain warm and dry regardless of the cold weather, you can finally enjoy winter and be grateful for all the opportunities it has to offer.

Waqass Wakeel
Written by:Waqass Wakeel

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