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Most people believe that wool socks should only be worn in winter. This premise is often proved wrong since wool socks for summer have great functionality.Wool is a versatile material that works well for every season, according to the principles of active thermoregulation: wool socks keep your feet dry and cool in summer and warm during winter.

We all love summer and the outdoor activities it often implies: running, taking long walks, hiking, cycling, or jogging. If you want to fully enjoy these activities, your feet must always feel comfortable by wearing suitable foot gear and the proper pair of socks.

The benefits of wearing wool socks in summer

The benefits of wearing wool socks in summer

When it comes to manufacturing socks, merino wool is the perfect alternative. Socks made from merino wool retain heat and dry quickly, so you don’t have to worry about sweating. Furthermore, merino wool is a natural fiber that allows ventilation through its fabric.

One of the greatest advantages of wool is its natural ability to clean itself. The wool fibers can successfully absorb and neutralize bad odors. The keratin from the wool fiber is able to dispel any bad-smelling bacteria from the skin.

This means that you don’t even have to wash your wool socks every time you wear them. You can simply air them out for about an hour so that any lingering smell disappears. Due to this amazing natural ability of self-cleaning, wool socks are the perfect solution for your happy feet during a hot summer.

Wool socks for summer have many advantages:

  • Prevent sweat and blistering 
  • Combat foot odor
  • Wick moisture
  • Breathable
  • Soft feel (no itchy sensation)
  • Naturally antimicrobial
  • Keep the feet cool and dry
  • Regulate the body temperature 
  • Eco-friendly material
  • Strong and durable
  • Organic and renewable

What summer socks fit me best?

According to your favorite summer activity, you can choose the wool socks that fit you best. If you are an active person and you love going as far as your feet can carry you, then you must take great care of them. No matter what sport you enjoy most, there is always the right pair of socks to satisfy your needs.

Best Socks for Hiking

Best Socks for Hiking

Hiking socks are often made from moisture-wicking fabrics that keep your feet dry and maintain a stable body temperature. Therefore, wool is the perfect natural fiber when it comes to moisture-wicking and quick-drying. One amazing advantage of merino wool is that it can successfully absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture.

Wool hiking socks have multiple layers of material. The outer layer regulates the body temperature, while the inner layer absorbs moisture in order to keep your feet cool and dry. Due to these layers of material, the hiking wool socks maximize your comfort and minimize friction, reducing the chance of your feet developing blisters during long treks. 

OurSvea wool sock set is the ideal colorful addition to your hiker's kit.  Using a blend of high-quality wool alongside polyester, elastane, and acrylic, these socks are soft-touch and very comfortable. The stylish Nordic design is guaranteed to fit your wardrobe. 

Best Socks for Cycling

When you’re riding your bicycle, you certainly need socks that keep your feet cool. Not too tight, but not too loose, the wool socks are a perfect fit during your cycling adventure. Breathable and very comfortable, cycling socks are very soft yet durable. They also prevent blisters and keep your feet dry while you’re pedaling.

It is only natural that your body produces sweat when you’re making a great effort. In this case, cycling wool socks offer significant advantages since wool draws all the sweat from your body and then expels it. Unlike cotton or synthetic fabrics which retain moisture, merino wool is quick drying and also naturally antimicrobial.

You can bring a dash of color into your hot summer days by wearing theIda wool socks. The vibrant shades of yellow, purple, red, and blue create a wonderful Nordic design. After all, your cycling socks can be fun, breathable, and comfortable at the same time. 

Best Socks for Jogging
Best Socks for Jogging

Jogging socks are designed to help you maximize your performance and to achieve complete freedom of movement. It is very important that your feet breathe and stay dry while you enjoy your run in the park. Therefore, the jogging socks are created from a blend of wool, acrylic, polyester, and elastane. While running, these fabrics move naturally along with the foot. 

The perfect wool socks for summer are suited to complement your jogging shoes. Their main advantages are improved comfort, durability, breathability, and - most importantly - odorless feet. 

OurBjorn wool socks can offer you all these amazing advantages. You can go jogging and then enjoy other outdoor activities without having to change your socks. These eco-friendly socks are the perfect choice for both men and women who love the freedom of movement.

Cotton vs wool socks during summer hikes
Cotton vs wool socks during summer hikes

If you enjoy mountain hikes during summer, there are a few important aspects you should take into consideration when choosing the right pair of socks. Mountain experts often tell us what to wear on the mountain in order to avoid hypothermia, skin irritations, and the discomfort created by clothes that hinder our movement.

The most effective thing you can do when going to the mountains is to wear clothes and socks made of merino wool. Unlike cotton, wool’s main advantages are: it does not retain moisture, it eliminates perspiration, and it dries very quickly.

For the production of body clothing and socks, mountain equipment manufacturers use natural materials such as merino wool. This fabric is much thinner and softer than regular wool, and it doesn’t irritate the skin.

On the other hand, cotton is the most frequently used natural fiber in the clothing industry. Cotton clothes and socks are great in dry weather and high temperatures, but they are the most inappropriate choice for a humid and cold environment. 

Cotton loses its thermal insulation capacity in a humid environment. It absorbs moisture and then expels your body heat, while perspiration often remains on your skin. Another disadvantage of cotton socks is that they irritate your feet when they are wet, so you will most likely end up with painful blisters.

Why should I choose wool in summer?

Why should I choose wool in summer?

Wool fiber is mainly composed of keratin, and it has an irregular structure. These are the main reasons why wool prevents the proliferation of viruses and bacteria. Your feet will remain dry and healthy due to our socks’ remarkable antibacterial properties.

In a cold environment, when wool absorbs moisture, it also creates heat. On the contrary, when the ambient temperature rises, the wool will stop creating heat. This active thermoregulation capacity of wool is one of nature’s greatest gifts.

Wool has the natural ability to remove moisture from the body into the environment. It can absorb up to 35% of its own weight. After the ambient humidity is reduced, the water will evaporate back into the air.

People suffering from allergies will find great comfort in wearing wool socks and woolen clothing. Due to all of these unique properties previously mentioned, it becomes clear that wool socks are the perfect solution for a hot summer full of memorable adventures.

The amazing properties of lanolin

Lanolin is a substance naturally produced in sheep's wool. It has waterproof properties that help the sheep's wool dry very fast. In nature, lanolin plays a very important role: it protects wool and skin from wet climate and harsh environment.

The merino wool has a high concentration of natural lanolin. One great advantage is lanolin’s amazing self-cleaning properties. You will be surprised to see that, even after wearingour eco-friendly wool socks for a long period of time, your feet will not smell. 

Lanolin helps the wool clean itself while absorbing smell and moisture. You don’t even need to wash your wool socks every time you wear them. 

Simply hang them in a well-ventilated space over a chair, or just let them breathe outside, in the fresh air. Nature will do the rest. Therefore, lanolin protects your feet and provides a very long life for your favorite socks.

Due to its natural lanolin content, your wool socks will:

  • Repel moisture
  • Remain odorless
  • Feel incredibly soft 
  • Resist common stains
  • Always remain elastic
  • Resist mold and bacteria

Keep your feet cool and dry

Keep your feet cool and dry

Summer brings great opportunities for leading an active life. Whether you enjoy hiking, cycling, or any other sport, it’s very important to know that you can always count on your foot gear. Naturally antimicrobial, breathable, and odorless, wool socks provide amazing benefits so that you can truly enjoy your favorite activities all summer long.

Waqass Wakeel
Written by:Waqass Wakeel

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