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Hiking is the new cardio

Leading an active lifestyle is one of the main ways to keep yourself healthy and happy. Some enjoy getting that muscle pump by lifting weights at the gym or following a cardio regimen by going for a walk or cycling in the park. 

Lately, though, more and more people find themselves with the need to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and embrace the great outdoors in their attempt to incorporate physical activity into their routine while also connecting with nature for better peace of mind. As such, many fitness enthusiasts have turned to hiking to fulfill those needs. 

While some are luckier and live close to the mountainside, others get to do it only occasionally when they’re on vacation. Either way, if a mountain escape sounds like something that piques your interest, you need to ensure that you have the proper equipment before embarking on your journey. 

Are socks really that important?

Are socks really that important?

Many online resources stress the necessity of proper hiking boots, bags, etc. Still, one item that sometimes tends to be overlooked is the pair of socks – essential if you want your feet to stay warm, comfy, and dry throughout your adventures. As such, we wanted to run you through the most important aspects that make a good hiking sock so that you’ll know what to look out for when choosing the pair that perfectly fits your needs.

How to choose the perfect socks for hiking

How to choose the perfect socks for hiking

So, what exactly makes a hiking socka hiking sock? There are multiple answers to this question, but first, we’d like to talk about materials. A good hiking sock, especially a good hiking winter sock, will be made from materials that ensure proper insulation, moisture control, and comfort.

To meet all these needs, it is best when a blend of materials is employed in the manufacturing process. These materials usually include merino wool (a type of softer, less itchy wool), acrylic, and elastane, which bring the best ofallworlds so that you don’t have to sacrifice warmth for either flexibility or durability.

Nordic Socks use this fabric blend, making them fit snugly around your feet. They also have a good weight without being excessively bulky, meaning they’ll easily fit into any hiking boots.

Getting into the details – how fabrics and knitting interact

how fabrics and knitting interact

Moving on, we have to look at cushioning, durability, and moisture management. Of course, fabrics matter in this case, but you should also keep an eye out for the methods employed in the knitting process. Given their thickness, polywool blends offer better cushioning than a sock made of cotton.

Stretchy materials such as elastane and acrylic achieve durability since they add flexibility to the socks, making them perfect for long-term wear and an active lifestyle. Not to mention, merino wool is especially effective at dealing with moisture wicking, meaning that you won’t have to worry about rain or snow.

Apart from outside moisture, you’re much less likely to get blisters or unpleasant odors due to sweat, making merino wool an excellent option for warm socks for men. And as anyone could probably imagine, wool is unmatched when it comes to thermoregulation – the perfect choice for winter socks and summer socks alike.

Regarding the knitting process, you should look for a full terry pair of socks when deciding on your purchase.

The full terry of Nordic Socks means that the fabric used to make your socks is knitted with a secondary loop all around them to provide extra cushioning and ensure that your feet have the proper support to stay comfy even through longer hikes. The full terry also doubles the merino wool in its thermoregulatory capacities, making Nordic Socks a fitting choice of warm socks for women who might have more sensitive soles.

Long socks, short socks, and why size matters

Long socks, short socks, and why size matters

When it comes to length, there are two things that you should keep in mind – other footwear and season. More specifically, if you’re headed for the heart of the mountains in the middle of winter, you’ll probably have a sturdy pair of hiking boots that go over your ankles to suit the job. So naturally, what you’d need in this case is a pair of knee-high socks to prevent uncomfortable friction of your skin with your hiking boots while also providing better warmth coverage. 

If what you have in mind is a simple, relaxing hike, especially under hotter weather conditions, opting for a shorter length of socks will allow your legs more space to breathe while also being compatible with hiking shoes. Nordic Socks offer a multitude of options for crew socks (the kind that goes a few inches above your ankle). Still, we’ve also recently introduced our knee-high collection to accommodate further the needs of all types of hikers – summer or winter, amateur or seasoned. 

A few closing thoughts

A few closing thoughts

With all that being said, we hope this short guide has brought you more knowledge on the variety of differences between socks and which combination of these aspects makes them more suitable for specific purposes. Considering materials, functionality, length, and manufacturing, Nordic Socks are a solid option if you think of yourself as a hiking enthusiast (or even if you’re just starting to get familiar with it). 

Our commitment and vision

Our commitment and vision

Our promise is to deliver a consistently high-quality standard for each pair that makes its way to your feet. Our materials will always be ethically sourced since we care about the environment and the lovely sheep that help us create the best socks for you. Whether you’re a bright and cheerful person, or someone laid-back and collected, you’ll be sure to find a perfect fit for your personal style, be it vibrant or subtle. Just have a look around our collection and see for yourself.

Luna Meschiari
Written by:Luna Meschiari

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